Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P MJ..

I was/am a fan of Michael Jackson. I cannot name a single song or a video of his which I do not like ...and now he is dead! Just like that, gone! What a wasted life, such a tragedy and an example to us lesser mortals as to how we run from God and His desire to save us from our selves... despite his cuckoo behaviour, I admired this artist for making awesome music. An artist with a soul in turmoil, an artist who was his own worst enemy... the sheer talent, the mass appeal, the impact on millions of fans ...a whole generation which grew up listening to him, including me.

I am trying not to think of his last few years on earth. Instead, I am sobered by the thought , that life is indeed fragile and nothing we , possess or achieve can help us get that peace and freedom from fear which a faith in Christ-alone, can give us. I am blessed to be a christian and I wish Michael Jackson knew of the saving power of Jesus...neverthelss, I hope when the time of reckoning comes, he will find that God is just and able to forgive and accept us. Really, really wish you knew that MJ! Rest in peace dear one.

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