Sunday, June 8, 2008

Worthy of thought and action...

"If you please Jesus, it doesn't matter who you don't please; if you don't please Jesus, it doesn't matter who you do please." ~Adrian Rodgers

Setting Home

Well, it is never ending...the sorting,packing,moving,unpacking and putting things in their right place! We packed,we moved and 10 days on , I am still nowhere near the spotless bright loving home I had envisioned....hubby is blissfuly ignoring the un-opened crates and the huge piles of mess and disorder all over....I asked him last night ''is any of this mess bothering you?'' and the sweetheart that he is , just shrugged his shoulders and said a simple ''no''. But that does not stop me from feeling guilty, very guilty indeed! After all, he didnt stop going to work and continue to deliver his best inspite of our house move! What excuse do I have for being so full of sloth! I just dont seem to have it in me! Any ideas? The Bible has some very strong views on being lazy and the Proverbs 31 woman continues to haunt me day and night! Ah! When does it get better???

A hassled home maker!