Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conversations with my 16 month old

Yohaan is only sixteen months old. Still a baby one would say! But he says the the cutest stuff when it comes to applying his baby vocabulary to situations. Here's how.

Using his current favourite word: Yeah.
Me: Yohaan, do you want juice?
Y: Yeah.
Me: Do you want to sleep now?
Y: Yeah
Me: Yohaan, do you want to go out and play?
Y: Yeah.
Me: Yohaan, are you hungry?
Y: Yeah
Me: Yohaan, do you want mummy to whack your butt?
Y: errr, yeah!!
LOLLLLL, he does have a mean mamma doesnt he!

Another favourite word: No
Me: Give mamma a kissy Yohaan..
Apparently it is ok to ask for one because he plants a big fat kissy on my head.
Me: OK, now give kissy to your bunny. (His fav toy)
Me: Yohaan, give daddy a kissy?
Considers the request. Says 'NO' and walks away with a major attittude. Watch it sonny boy, daddy will cancel your visa and make you an illegal in Dubai if you dont curb your no's!!

And the last one: There!
So we are walking around the building complex one evening. We spot a little kitten.
Me: Yohaan, where's the kitty?
Y: Points out to her and says ''there''.
Me: Yohaan, where's the car?
Y: Points to a car parked nearby and says 'there'.
SO far so good but then,
Me: Yohaan, where's daddy? (hoping he will think and say something cutesy-original from his vocab baby bank)
Y: Points out to the building secutiry guard and says 'there'...!!
Oh Dear....look what my son believes in!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Year and New Beginings...

So I have been absent too long from this blog. Missed it but had no time for it. Still dont, as a matter of fact. But just wanted to touch base with my two and a half readers. And to send out prayers and wishes that this year treats all of us well. I have had to handle a lot of changes in the first quarter already. For example, moving from 2500sq/ft to a 1000sq/ft living area with barely any storage. But ah, a nice kitchen! So all's good. It is by far the most challenging circumstance for a busy housewife like me who is very house proud and who loves to cook! But never mind, we will bounce back.

Through all this recession induced downsizing, moving and changes etc, Yohaan has grown leaps and bounds. I sometimes try and think back even six months and recall him as a baby! I draw a blank! He is so big and naughty and cheerful and full of beans...he walks and talks and is ever so curious. I am losing all my pregnancy weight just trying to keep him out of mischief! It is totally exhausting. I preferred him as a little baby, not a toddler. He is way too quick and agile for my tired

Another adjustment which I think is basically good for an impulsive person like me is that I have to watch out for our finances. No more walking in to just about any store and picking up whatever took my fancy. My pottery-barn like shopping trips and existance has come to a grinding halt much to hubster's glee! Sigh... he is immensly enjoying seeing me trying to control my spending sprees and visits to the malls. I am managing quite fine, thank you very much. I am also actually okay with the idea of not having any money (yet,for now) given generously by hubster every week to spend whichever way I thought best. I dont have a car, so dont go out. Really, it is as simple as that! Dont know why did I not try it earlier. Hmmm.

Our new flat is quite nice. Brand new and supremely child friendly. Lots of greenery, play area, clean, safe and majority of the residents are young families. I think Yohaan will make lots of friends here. I see so many toddlers playing around our complex. Good good.

Setting up this new place is a horror story now. Of all the times, I have been hit by acute lazy-bones attack and one month on, we are still living like pigs! Chaos reigns supreme and I dont know when will it all get okay. Hubster has begged, pleaded, cajoled, threatened me to get the house in shape but it seems I am quite happy to be living out of half opened cartons and crates.

There is lots to tell but now is not the time. Please tell me, I will one day get some sense in to my dumb head and do all that is needed to be done! I am running out of options now!