Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conversations with my 16 month old

Yohaan is only sixteen months old. Still a baby one would say! But he says the the cutest stuff when it comes to applying his baby vocabulary to situations. Here's how.

Using his current favourite word: Yeah.
Me: Yohaan, do you want juice?
Y: Yeah.
Me: Do you want to sleep now?
Y: Yeah
Me: Yohaan, do you want to go out and play?
Y: Yeah.
Me: Yohaan, are you hungry?
Y: Yeah
Me: Yohaan, do you want mummy to whack your butt?
Y: errr, yeah!!
LOLLLLL, he does have a mean mamma doesnt he!

Another favourite word: No
Me: Give mamma a kissy Yohaan..
Apparently it is ok to ask for one because he plants a big fat kissy on my head.
Me: OK, now give kissy to your bunny. (His fav toy)
Me: Yohaan, give daddy a kissy?
Considers the request. Says 'NO' and walks away with a major attittude. Watch it sonny boy, daddy will cancel your visa and make you an illegal in Dubai if you dont curb your no's!!

And the last one: There!
So we are walking around the building complex one evening. We spot a little kitten.
Me: Yohaan, where's the kitty?
Y: Points out to her and says ''there''.
Me: Yohaan, where's the car?
Y: Points to a car parked nearby and says 'there'.
SO far so good but then,
Me: Yohaan, where's daddy? (hoping he will think and say something cutesy-original from his vocab baby bank)
Y: Points out to the building secutiry guard and says 'there'...!!
Oh Dear....look what my son believes in!

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