Monday, April 23, 2012

Gardening for the soul

I have been missing as usual and for no major reason. Just that I am restless to get my house made over and make it prettier. It is however always a work in progress which  adds to the restlesness. My head is buzzing with plans and ideas and wish lists. Hubster wont oblige causing me much grief....anyhow, when things dont go my way I simply cool off with gardening in my balcony. I have been busy getting it ready for summer and so far have managed to do a decent job. The rest of the house is done up only half way through. I started with my son's nursery but then inspite of my best efforts it does not look the way I want it to. His room is the second (and the only spare) bedroom which also has a corner for hubster's home office. An ugly steel filing cabinet along with an uglier study desk and the ugliest printer/paper/office supplies piled on to it. I cannot work my way around it and in my mind I dont know how to let a nursery and a lawyer's home office co-exist tastefuly. I tried convincing him to throw away his stuff which made him threaten divorce which promptly shut my mouth. I am now resigned to the fact that men just dont have 'pretty things' genes.

The bedroom is getting another little addition today, hopefuly. My handy man has promised to come and hook up my dressing mirror and shelves I bought recently. Can you imagine, I need to get a profesional to come and just put in some nails on the walls because we believe the construction quality is so poor, we might end up causing the whole building to collapse if we ourseleves were to wield the drilling machine. Ordinary nail and hammer method wont work either. It is frustrating. To save up on space, I decided not to buy a whole dresser set. Am just going to put up a mirror and sheleves on the wall thus freeing up floor space. Not to mention keeping my cosmetics and trinkets safe from a certain little monkey around here!

I had grand plans of painting our living/dining space. I have not been able to convince the man of the house so far that indeed, if I dont get to paint the walls some bright colour, I might die. He thinks I shall live long because only the good die young. Sigh. Whatever. But I am a woman on a mission and slowly but surely I shall wear down his protests. And one day will share gorgeous pictures with you all. In the mean time look at my garden pictures and let me know what you think.

I think I must show you all some of my indoor plants too...since these pictures were taken, I have added some more plants to my collection but am going to ease off a bit now since I dont want plant-clutter in the balcony especially. Although, one can never have too many plants or shoes or bags for that matter....and oh, did you guys spot some random things hanging on the railings? Well those are my DIY'ed bird baths , just some clay pots strung from a jute rope and other bits and pieces lying around to add to the general prettiness. Like the unused candle mini jars, a wooden bell...

and this, see?

I have been spending many a soul enriching hours tending to my plants....the weather in Dubai is still lovely although I think summer should be coming along any day now. I am so looking forward to many evenings spent here in my oasis. What have you guys been up to?