Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bloggy Break

Hello my lovlies! I am so spent and drained in the last two months that I have decided to take a break- propah one from the www. It was taking too much from me. It is now that time in life wherein I need to sit back, evaluate, re-evaluate and say NO. To everything pretty much. And so I will be on a one month break. I am in India for a quick holiday. Basically for my parents and Yohaan to be together but more for me. I am so tired and non-happening. With stuff. Life in general. Just doing life, you know!

Thanks to my regulars. Please dont leave me and go away for good. I shall be back-soon enough. :)

Muchos muchos muah muah.

Signing out for now,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am around, almost!

I wish I had more time to write and blog. But the fact of the matter is that I dont. I am really busy with two more houseguests and the  never ending cooking for everyone. The guests are almost bachelor like in their attitudes, so that means, no help comes forth from them in any shape or form. I am not complaining. Hosting people/hospitality is our ministry, so I better not complain. However, I am tired and not getting any break at all is driving me up the wall. Hubster is too busy -always- to do anything around the house. Yohaan is too little, ha ha, ha. So that pretty much leaves just me to get things done.

These two men are on a job hunt so all their time is spent on the two computers we have at home. That also means, I dont get to use the computer much during day time or even evening. That pretty much leaves late nights only. But with my new commitment to a healtheir lifestyle, I have tried to cut down on late nights and try to have early mornings. Writing does not come easily to me. So every time I have an idea for a post, I have to take my time framing it in my mind first. And since it doesnt come to me effortlessly, how do I post regularly here without re-writing it like thousand times before I publish?  With the guys staying home mostly, unless they are out attending interviews, I have to supply them with tea/coffee/snacks and timely meals. To their credit, they are not at all demanding or even fussy. There are some mornings when I dont have the time/energy/inclination to cook breakfast and they manage with just a cup of tea! I am not going to let that make me feel bad simply because, I am not their mamma! They both cook really well, so my husband has asked them to help themselves in the kitchen if they dont see me pottering around! :)

Finally, I have been on a huge mission to clean and organise my kitchen/bedroom/living room. It has been almost four months we shifted here and I was not too happy with the layout of many things . I have completely re-organised my kitchen and now there is so much space. I love my newly organised cupboards etc. Will try and post pics. There are some more touches I want to add but that will have to wait for later. Next on my list is our bedroom and the teeny-tiny wardrobe. I am overwhelmed trying to organise our clothes etc. Hubster has discovered a place here where we can actually sell our clothes for a nominal amount. However, if anybody knows of a charity kind of store/place, please leave a comment. I will be happy to donate all our unused clothes which are in very good condition. I would also like to donate baby stuff of Yohaan's. And the best thing of all, I got lots of plants as a birthday gift. I have started my little balcony garden and that particular nook looks lovely. Will post pics. Dont ask when though.

There isnt much happening. I am just so busy. I am desperate for a small/mini break. This break MUST be spent alone. I dont want anybody around. Including Yohaan. I need stillness, silence and zero expectations from me for a few hours. Is that a lot to ask for?