Monday, June 22, 2009


Woke up nice and bright this morning. My little world perfect, neat and largely happy. My pretty house, the lovely garden, my large group of friends, my perfect husband (who, by the way, still has a job in these tough times) and a healthy baby...everything is in place. Domestic help, gardener and what have you- others working hard to keep me happy and at peace. My biggest concern in the morning is to ensure hubster gets to eat a good breakfast or what fruit to puree for Yohaan's morning meal or even wondering if husbster would be coming home late from work and if we can go out somewhere for the evening to relieve a little boredom. That's how earth shattering my average day's concerns can be!

Then I read this post , and am plunged in to a deep despair. The mind boggles as to how can this/does happen in this day and age, in a country which claims to be a super power in the making! A country which prides itself on a rich cultural heritage, on producing world class engineers and IT professionals, doctors, teachers, artists. A country which has stunning diversity and the largest democratically elected government. A country which has a hindu and a muslim or a christian and a buddhist living together for generations...and yet Indians never fail to surprise me in taking the lead- in being one of the most apathetic races on earth. The sheer apathy and the callousness of our hearts is deeply, deeply painful.

I am no different, and that to me, is the unforgivable part.

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