Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disclaimer (not)

So this mommyhood has me firmly in it's grip. I have been rendered pretty useless for any kind of normal adult behaviour and conversation. While this is not a standard apology, I feel I must really tell all my friends in this world who are not yet parents that guys, I am sorry for going on ad infinetum (sp?) , nauseaum (sp?) ( I suck at latin)- about smelly poo, puke, booogers, Cerelac, engorged breasts, cracked nipples, stretch marks, weight gain and it's sheer defiance to come off, sleepless nights, romance gone walking, hormones haywire and what have you.

For the life of me, I fail to understand that maybe most of you might not be even remotely interested in the aforementioned issues. So, for those of you who are missing the old Harshika, let me be kind and advise you that it will be a long time or maybe never, before you get to see her again....I find it difficult to think of non-Yohaan posts... and so today I went out for a walk to seek some inspiration for a non-baby blogworthy post and came back with guess what... yep, more thoughts of Yohaan and how much I missed him during my walk!!

No not sad really, but I did try and apologise already. Okay? OK.

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