Saturday, June 20, 2009

All's well within my world...

So this whole of past week I have been on my own with just Yohaan and our maid. Funny how when daddy is not home, I smoothly step in and take charge. Including, driving his big huge SUV, which by the way, makes me immensly proud of myself. I run around getting all the outside work done and get a perspective on how much my husband atually does for our home, so it runs smoothly. Just driving around Dubai is enough to make me give him an award!

I had stepped out to get some last minute groceries but as I was driving back, I was hoping hubster would be home. And sure enough, as I stepped in I saw father and son sitting together with all the new toys and books which have been picked up from his trip abroad. The sight was supremely cute and my heart duly turned to mush. The two most important guys in my life happily catching up. The maid told me that ''baba'' as she addresses him, leapt in to his dad's arms as soon as he walked in! This is it. Every day is a new development. Untill last week, just before hubster went away, Yohaan did not really notice him especially with me around. One week later, he achieves another milestone- recognising someone else other than his mother! At such times, I hastily put away the sorely tempting thoughts of renting him out for a few hours each day. Wicked mamma, I know.

Much excitement, hugging, kissing, general squealing and a cup of coffee later, father and son are upstairs in our bedroom, sleeping it off together. I let him go, an important step for me , my boy does'nt neccessarily need me now to put him to sleep, daddy will do fine too, sometimes! As I close the door on them and soflty tip toe down the stairs I find myself thanking God for bringing back hubster safe home. That Yohaan did well with daddy being gone and that I didnt crash his precious four wheel. All's well within my world indeed!

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mindspace said...

its good to have such hands on assurance that we can manage it well...
now that u are settled, pls do a picture post of your plants.. see i am waiting :) and looking forward to seeing them.