Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day - Update

Our man Yohaan has some kind of an internal clock within him. In my previous post I was wondering if he would wake up to meet and greet his dad in the evening. Well, he woke up just in time, I gave him some fresh orange juice and we were ready to go. Nothing like a fresh, cool drink after a nap eh? When hubster rang the bell we, that is, Yohaan, the maid and myself, scampered around frantically because in a bid to hide the card I forgot where I had kept it....anyways, managed to locate it just as daddy would have started losing his patience at the door! Dad was greeted by us at the door with Yohaan and me holding his card although our man was more interested in chewing the darned thing! I think daddy was suitably touched espeically seeing Yohaan's hand and foot prints...I wrote out a small poem taken from the net but could not locate the source :( so maybe I shouldnt publish it here for copyright reasons. Im not a lawyer's wife for nothing after all. We just about managed to take some pictures and then the little one promptly fell asleep again. Here are some pictures.

The card I made for hubster on Yohaan's behalf. Note the lil hand & feet prints.

Father and son...posing for my blog.
PS- I got nothing for mamma's day :(

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