Monday, June 22, 2009

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow? Honestly folks, I wish I knew it myself! All I know is that I possess a ''green thumb'' . In the sense, that whatever I plant, thrives. I remember my mother asking me to help plant her seasonal shrubs and pots because she believed that those done by me would take root and grow well. I never had any interest in gardening per se but I would occasionally lend a hand. My gardener has often been spotted trying to suppress a smile because of my sheer lack of knowledge of all things green and because I may have asked him a particularly dumb question. *sigh*

Even now, I confess I do all the gardening and planting because I want my house and garden to look pretty. If someone told me that things would jazz up with some dog poo lying around and if I happen to like ''that'' look, I will go for it. I am aware as to how idiotic that must make me sound to you dear readers, but lets face it, I am house-vain! Nuff said.

For now do have a look at the lovely entrance of my house. I did it all up one fine morning, in a flash of brilliance and was given a huge helping hand by my maid, Sunita who enjoys home decor as much as me! She is brimming over with some lovely ideas for our garden and backyard and I can’t wait to try them pronto!

This is where we live.Welcome....!

My favourite corner, pots kept on a discarded glass shelf salvaged from our garage!

Another corner of our entrance...dried arrangements,desert style!
You likey?

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