Friday, May 28, 2010

Go Away!

I know, bit of a vague title for the post but then given my unfortunate tendency of suddenly going missing for long-longer-longest period from around here, it is the best I could come up with to tell you all thats been happening . (This is a long sentence and even I dont know what I mean..anyways.) I drafted some really cute Yohaan-centric posts to regale you my dear readers but all sorts of things happened and I could not get any time to visit my own blog, leave alone post new stuff.

I was in the throes of excercising and dieting and losing weight. Then one day, I tripped on the doormat (how do such things happen to me, please dont ask or even wonder). I (think) injured the muscles of my inner-right-thigh. By late evening I had developed the mother- of- all Sciatica kind of pain. It orginated somewhere in my bum and went right down my legs. For the next two days, I promise you, the pain was so bad that I almost started wishing back for my c-sec pain guys! I was just lying flat on the bed, in sheer agony, crying tears of panic and anxiety because it seemed so unreal! I could not sneeze,cough,laugh (although why would I want to laugh in such a situation is beyond me), turn to my sides. Hubster decided at that very moment to give me the inquisition. How? Why? How long? As if I fell on purpose! Was it a sneaky way of keeping him home all day? As if! It is eight years of you now being glued to me, get over yourself, is what I wanted to scream at him but let it pass because it involved too much effort.

Again at the same very precise moment my son decided that he had had enough of mamma lying around uselessly and his little brain-in-a-big-head came up with this unfortunate idea of 1. Jumping on my tummy 2. head banging on the said tummy, to get my attention. Oh the hell...I screamed my head off at the hubster to get this guy off me. Muchos chaos, screaming, shouting, tears, confusion later peace prevailed for like two minutes. Brat that my son is, resumed his head banging again no doubt thinking to himself that 'it hasn't gotten me any spanking,so must be ok to resume'. A very frustrated me begged hubster and son to 'just go awayyyyy, leave me alone'. He asks me 'where?' I say ' just anywhere, go to Al Ain' ( Al Ain- is a neighbouring emirate). I dont know why I said it. Anyhow, this offended hubster because err, Al Ain is famous for it's zoo! He informed brat ,'Yohaan, mama thinks we are fit for the zoo'. Hey, I didnt say that now! Proceeded to drag Yohaan off me which caused more misery ofcourse and I yelled 'oh maaaa'. Apparently, this upset him even more, here's how:

Hubster in a very pensive, hurt mode: 'Am I not a good husband?' Tell me reader, who needs such a question when he/she is sure they are gonna die-soon-of-the-pain? Anyways, I gave him a counter-questioning look. He explains how his mind works. "Well, you are in so much discomfort, why are you calling out to your mom and not to me?'' ''Am I not a comfort to you in times of trouble, we are husband-wife after all?'' I refuse to be drawn in to any kind potentially dangerous topics of inlaws vs inlaws. So I said to him, calmly and with irrefutable logic, ''I am calling out to my mother because you and your son are going to check- in to the Al Ain zoo and a caged husband  wont be of much help in the given circumstances.''

PS- It has taken almost ten days or more to get better. I still limp and have a lingering pain but am atleast mobile now. The wise ole www informs me that such injuries can take upto four-six weeks to be fully gone. I am banned from too much activity and high heels. Needless to add, my excercising is severly limited now a days and high heels? Outta question.

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Kiran Sawhney said...

Known you through Tanvi's blog. Cheer up. Get well.
I can relate to your blog post so well.