Wednesday, May 12, 2010

These are a few of my UN-favourite things.

Dont we all girls have our pet peeves around the house? I mean chores which you really, really hate doing but know must tackle so that we maintain our sanity? I am so, so, so (see I used 'so' thrice to drive it home) annoyed by the following tasks which recur in my life endlessly:

1. Dusting. Yep. HATE it! To the last dust particle around. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Each day-every day.

2. Scrubbing the cooking range/stove top. Arrrrgh. HATE it. Indian cooking means lot of oil spills. Lots of spice powders flying around everywhere including right in to my nose.

3. Putting the wet clothes out for drying. Despise it. And a new word for hate!!

4. Searching endlessly for hubster's underwear and socks which are like, forever missing. He has so many and I dont understand why...does he need to add to my stress levels. Abominable.

5. Washing dishes which have not been soaked properly by - me-who-else. Then trying to wash off diamond hard food crusts off eg corn flakes, cereals eaten for breakfast and left in the kitchen sink etc.

6. Changing water in the mopping bucket each time, for every room seperately.

There must be a lot more for me but right now I am annoyed just writing about it, so will let it pass. And yes, you can see that I do have an exciting life considering that I am posting stuff about dusting and cleaning , undies and socks for goodness sakes!

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