Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Readers

After a lot of angst ridden, careful scrutiny I have come to the conclusion that I have only 3 regular readers and one of them is family! So probably does not even count because sometimes she knows me better than anybody! Yes, that MSIC! :(

*puts her head down and gloomily stares in to space*


Everybody's Mama said...

Just wanted you to know I really like your blog! You seem to have such a sweet personality that shines through in your writing. Try not to worry too much about the numbers, just enjoy what you write. One thing that you will like is looking back on old posts, sort of like a diary.
Also congratulations on your efforts to make better health choices. My husband and I are doing the same thing. I know you said you find writing out the recipes tiring but I find it can imagine that my cooking (Southern United States) is very different LOL!
Be encouraged today! And keep writing! :)

Harshika said...

@Everybody's Mama: Awww, thanks for the lovely comment. And thanks for dropping by. Ofcourse, I dont write for numbers, it was just one of those moments you know...I was feeling low and lonely...the blogworld is a good place to connect and make friends...most of the time, dont take me seriosuly...i write very impulsively!Do come back to read more.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Hey Harshitha!

Nice blog - dont worry, the readers will come. You need to keep blogging, because you do it really well!

Harshika said...


Thanks for your visitng my blog and posting a comment too! I have visited your blog too, some weeks ago and enjoyed it. Love the name of it too!


Somu (Woodooz) said...

Your blog is beautiful and some of the posts are really thought provoking... I have not spent so much time on a blog that have way too much textual content... Yours for sure is an exception. Keep it going

Harshika said...

@Somu: Thanks for your kind words. And welcome and keep visiting. I am glad you enjoyed my mad rambling! :)