Saturday, May 1, 2010

Health Update

Well, as resolved by moi a few days ago on this very blog dear readers, I have managed to make some positive changes in my lifestyle. Remember, how I was whining about not wanting to do anything around the house, how lack of motivation was draining me of all enthusiasm to get my house/life in order. Turns out it was all directly related to my food habits in a BIG way! Honestly guys, we really must know how poor eating choices can wreck us! Like totally! (Hubster would cringe at my usage of ''like totally'' here, he thinks it is only used by tacky-teens) Anyhow, it is such a huge relief to diagnose my problems. Simple- it was only because of bad food habits. And lack of water! Imagine!

I started about a week ago and cannot tell you how happy I am with the changes I see in me. My weight, hair,nails, skin, mood-swings....all seem to have improved so much! And I do seem to have a lot more energy for my chores too. But the best thing is ofcourse the weight loss and the improvement in skin tone and texture . I have adult acne sometimes but with the new changes it is gone! Maybe I can be the next Bollywood queen....but wait, how will I have time for that, I am so busy guzzling down water by the litres!! And then peeing! It's like being pregnant again! But I love what it does to my body-all tha water. So folks, you too get going on that! I try and get in at least 4 ltrs every day.

From today I am going to start my excercise regimen. It is not something I am looking forward to, but needs must.

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Anonymous said...

Harshika...Good for u!! I have PCOS and all its symptoms in its glory incl. adult acne...Do share what changes you made to ur diet....I desperately need to lose some weight as well.....

Take care,

The one fm Cherry Hill :)