Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Logging My Loss

I have battled my wieght for all of my adult life. It has been a constantly losing war. Me being the loser ofcourse. And by 'loser' I dont mean the pounds! For the longest time I gave up thinking it is hopeless to even try. Clothes dont fit? No problem, we have 'darzis' in India who will stitch me bigger-larger clothes. Shoes? Well, feet dont become fat :), so there. Got diagnosed with Diabetes-2, well, blame it on the DNA/genes. So on and so forth.

Then I became a mommy. And to my utter despair I could not keep up with my son's energy levels. And we are talking of a toddler here! Its hard - I am a stay at home mom, and I am lonely. I don't have much "real life" support, and my boy is at a trying age, so I spent a lot of time feeilng trapped and frustrated. And, I would eat those feelings away a lot. The fleeting pleasure eating gave me seemed to soothe me. Nothing else mattered. But the knowledge that if I continued the same way, I wouldn't be around for long to see my son grow up, is scary, very scary. I felt 62 instead of 32!

So sometime last month, I got my Aha! moment. This was while playing with Yohaan and not being able to run down the corridoors for more than 5 minutes. That was it. I resolved to change my lifestyle. A friend made it easier by cheering me to at least make a start. Armed with diet plans and workout videos, I slowly but steadily incorporated mini changes in to my lifestyle. And the pounds started dropping. In total, I have lost 10 kilos with 6 out of this in an incredible 3 weeks only!! Is that awsome or what!

I have some friends who need encouragement today. Please know that if I can do it, so can you. We have a long way to go, but we will get there. Who said it will be super-fun? It wont be and I will be honest, but you know what? Being thin is tastier than food!

PS- To the One from The Cherry Hill, I am sorry, I owe you a mail. But I will be following this post with another one detailing my fitness plans, so you can go through it and hopefuly be encouraged.


Tanvi said...

You go girl! ... You can do it ... Everyone can ... Just have to make the commitment :) [It's kinda like marriage :P Haha]

Tanvi said...

You are most welcome. I think it's fabulous that you are at least trying ... so many people tell me 'they are fine with the way their life is' .. when it's clearly not good...I feel sorry for them ..but can't help them either. Phew! ...

You call me celebrity! Haha That's so funny. And I am no celebrity, just another blogger like yourself. I am glad I could help in whatever little way. I am just a blog away if you need any help :)

P.S. What's your baby's name? Did you mention it in your post and I missed it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Harshika..I thought my comment might have been lost in transit or something...No worries...Take ur time

I am really struggling with my weight/health right now. So your post is very encouraging. Looking fwd to your fitness plan....Thanks once again :)

- The one from Cherry Hill

L.Perry said...

Thats an incredible turn around in your life and I am happy for your success. You had enough self-awareness to realize you were eating for the wrong reasons. Your story gives me hope for my own weight issues. Thank you for your honesty.

sher khan said...

hey... just ambled here an dthough i must comment.. cool taht you've started a step towards ebing healthy for your son. thats more important.. not the weight loss ( though that is a huge boost ).
God bless :-)

Tanvi said...

Hey! My sandals are from Dubai ... Pretty Fit .. i got them from City Center if I am not wrong back in 2007! :) You haven't answered my question about Baby's name? ... And IHLS ... I didn't like it ... but may be some might ... will wait and see how it ends up doing!