Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Missing love

So hubster has gone away this evening to see his mother in India. It will be a short trip(thankfuly) and I am missing him dreadfuly. *heavy sighing*- wont help much though.

This evening me and Yohaan went to see him off at the airport. And miraculously, hubster kissed me in public...not once but twice! I had to shoo him off because there is this British couple who are going to be jailed for getting amorous in public here in Dubai. Being a lawyer and all that jazzzzzz, he should know better I would imagine. Thankfuly nobody spotted us and we are safe. Oh the relief. But guys, I do have a tendency to exaggerate a bit. Post Yohaan, hubster and me are more like brother-sister duo combatting the exhausting effects of procreating. Never knew he would wreck so much havoc on our love life! Anyhow, off he went my older man and the little man almost had a mini meltdown. But I quickly distracted him and we were out of the departure lounge safely and without any embarrasement (primarily to me ofcourse).

Our driver cum man- friday is going to India for a couple of months untill hubster sorts out his visa and stuff. Will miss him. He is an extremely polite and a charming young man. Very sincere and good to us. Drives a bit crazily but better than many citizens of Dubai. He took us to a mall afterwards where yours truly tried to 'shop away' the hubster blues. I have a deep connection with retail therapy. It works best for me. Picked up lots of chinese blue pottery in miniature sizes and it is soooo cute. Will post pics. Just dont ask me when though. And oh, I also bought a really cute little dress and wooden hair clips for our driver's baby daughter. She will be one in June. I haven't yet gotten a chance to send anything for her. And I went bersek in the baby-girls clothes section. And I am determined to have a baby girl now....

That thought should firmly chase away any sisterly feelings I have developed for hubster post Yohaan. I cannot elaborate because this blog is PG rated after all. That way, I also MIGHT get more utterly strategic!

*walks away with naughty thoughts*

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