Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bummed Mamma Makeover

I am addicted to net surfing. It has reached such heights that I get withdrawal symptoms if I cannot read my favourite blogs everyday. The other day our internet connection went kaput for a while and I hounded hubster till he got it fixed! Baddddd, I knowwww.

Anyways, the point of this post today is to announce to the www in black and white that today being Easter (for want of a better day), I am adopting some resolutions in my life. Before I became a mother, I was a lot in to home decor, cooking, fashion and generally living life to the fullest. With a baby now, I realised that I have let myself go in so many ways. And it plays and plays and plays on my mind all the time. I keep thinking and hearing from my best friend R, ''you were not like this''. I cannot go on like this. Sure, it will take a huge effort on my part but then the alternative is driving me insane. Instead of just venting out here why dont I do something about it. I mean how much can my readers empathise/sympathise with my constant drama-queen moaning?? So, here goes.

  • 1. I will (try) loose weight. Look after my hands, hair and skin. We will see.
  • 2. I will keep my house in the best shape possible. Even if Yohaan is hell bent on destroying my efforts.
  • 3. I will get up every morning and simply dress up! That's it. I live in t-shirts and shorts. If I have to step out I just change in to jeans. Not acceptable from now on. And if I am going out in jeans, then I am doing my makeup and accesories too. The whole works. It better work for me! This will also be my bit for hubster. He has already threatened me for lounging around practically naked in the house. (lots of threats lately)
  • I will be thankful- NO MATTER WHAT!

That's it folks. I will be putting up pictures, largely to inspire myself. Anyone else wants to join in the ride, just gimme a shout.

Over to you now Jesus. Cannot do it without Your help!!!


mindspace said...

ha ha.. this is just so sweet.. you are concerned about us readers too :P
I make these kind of resolutions all the time..lemme try doing it along with u ..
here is my goal.

learn spanish
exercise daily(any form - walk, swim, gym, badminton, yoga, plain stretching)
read more

o'lord, wish us all the best..

& Happy Easter H.

Anonymous said...

Finally found the was cool talking to you. I find it hard to leave comments on the blog..hope it works love N

Harshika said...

hey Tara,

Spanish is easy girl, go for it!
Rest is not. So good luck to you!

Harshika said...

Hi N,

Its ok...leaving comments isnt everyone's cup of chai! At least you tried! Thanks sis!