Monday, November 16, 2009

Shaken not stirred...

My life is a big pot of stuff happening. Like huge stuff. I have been away from my blog for too long again but then I always have ''huge reasons''. No I am not preggers. No nobody has died. Only, my dear hubster is on the brink of losing his job. The company he works for is closing operations after months of fire fighting on every possible front. Which essentialy means that we have to downsize our lifestyle drastically. Starting with giving up our lovely house on lease and moving to Sharjah in to a small ,small, small apartment. There is no way we can afford the mortgage here or for that matter even maintain the current lifestyle. Then hubster has to start looking for a new job pronto.

And how have we taken all this? Well, not too bad to be honest. Our world has turned upside down in a just a couple of days with us having no idea as to when or how our next pay check will come in. But guess what? It is alright. Absolutely okay. We dont have any cash reserves or savings. Although we do have our usual pension plans and life policies intact. So we are literally down. But not out. All I can think of right now is that amidst all this chaos, my Lord reigns supreme. He gives, He takes, Blessed be His name. Tonight we had a lovely spread for dinner. Homecooked. Chicken 65, Smabhar, Pumpkin-erishery, brown rice and mixed greens with baby potatoes. And I am thankful for the Lord's abundance. Earlier in the day, Yohaan choked on a stray piece of chopped onion he found on the floor. He puked his guts out, cried buckets and was back to his ''compulsive'' giggling and baby talk. I am thankful for his safety. Hubster is being brave, hopeful, humble, hardworking and ethical. Taking a stand to do right at the workplace in the face of panic and disbelief. He is able to encourage and uplift many colleagues who have collapsed emotionaly and mentally from the stress of the upcoming lay off's. I am thankful that he is able to do so with the help of his Lord.

We have decided to celebrate Yohaan's first birthday in this house and move in the immediate coming week. We have found an apartment for which rent has been untill may'10!! What a miracle! Hubster's brother has paid for it. And deferred the rent for us indefinetly. See!! Doesn't this all have God's hand of favour? Imagine, us paying our mortgage plus a rent! Two days ago, a lady arrived from India. We knew her as my former maid's friend. She came to us and struck a deal. She will work for us free if we give her a room and meals. We readily agreed because anyways we have an extra bedroom. So we dont need to pay her a salary, she does a good job keeping my house and cooking for us. In the meanwhile she will look around for part time work. How can I complain or whine about anything? It may seem there is total mayhem and time is running out but I am still and hearing God's reassurance. Not to be fearful. He will work out everything for us-for our good!

As hubster is fire fighting in every possible manner, I am just thankful that I have led an abundant life so far. Like Paul of the Bible, I have learnt to be content in plenty and in want. My God supplies everything. A laid off colleague of hubster's gave us a big can of formula and a pack of diapers which she wont be able to carry back to Philipines. What a coincidence that both brands turned out to be exactly what Yohaan happens to use! The mind boggles everyday as to how faithful God is! When we were engaged and newly married we had nothing. Just our bag full of clothes and our degree certificates. Hubster did well. We became parents and life was a bit too smooth. Now, time for those hard but invaluable lessons to begin! Bring it on, I say.

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