Friday, October 16, 2009

And life returns to normalcy

For five weeks I was away from home. It was not a pleasant holiday let me tell you dear faithful readers. But that is just me, always cringing when it comes to visiting my hometown. So I wont even talk about that here. For Yohaan though, it was mother of all holidays. He had such a blast that I am afraid my son wont ever develop a love for the land his parents call home now. His time spent at my parent's house was the stuff an ideal holiday ought to be. The kinds where you win hearts, become a star and everyone fawns over you as if you are the bestest baby in the world! His grandparents and their huge team at home ensured that Yohaan goes bersek freaking out. So there were dogs, cats, monkeys, goats, chicken and even a roadside show of elephants on their way to a temple! Can you just imagine what this boy must have experienced?

From the time we landed at Delhi till his very last day, there was simply too much to take in and I was afraid his little baby brain will explode with excitement. Friends, neighbours, aunties, uncles, cousins of all shapes and sizes and our man reigned supreme! Yes it was hot. There were mosquitoes. There was loads of power cuts. There was way too much noise all the time. Yohaan lapped it all. A cousin lent us his daughter's walker and our man was on a mission. Here- there -everywhere. He explored his nana's big house to his hearts content probably sensing that mama would have no say. So he did all that he wanted to. One day it was bits of newspaper in his diaper, another day a full ant! How did he manage to eat such lovely stuff, I have no idea because the brat would not come to me at all. He was too busy with the maids, their children and the neighbours kids. He would ride piggy back all over. Nana and nani ofcourse looked on fondly as their only grandchild made memories!

I am so thankful that he wan't sick even one day and his germ quotient is higher after this trip, thus revving up his immunity. In Dubai, his life is rather sterile. In India there's only so much dirt one can avoid and it works best for children if they are exposed to it early on. Especially brats from Dubai! He ate well, slept well and played hard. His being so busy and not needing me around at all, gave me a bit too much of rest and I have come back totally disoriented. I did not have to worry about dirty diapers, meal times and sometimes even nap times because there were simply too many volunteers. I just sat simling very proudly that my baby is such a social being and seems to love having a good time! Way to go darling! Mamma is super thrilled that you are such a son of the soil. LOLLLLL . I am indeed proud that you loved India so much! I promise we will will take you there as often as we can.

Everyone knows I love shopping. But this time the unthinkable happened. I didnt shop for myself at all! I did get gifts which made me happy. However, I shopped for our house. Picked up some lovely linen and antique brass ware. Also, some crafty stuff for Yohaan's room and first birthday which is next month and I have to get going on getting it all ready. I am still trying to visualise as to where I am going to use all the yummy stuff I and when I arrange it all I shall post pics.

Anyways, I am home. How I missed it. My plants, my garden, my bed, my room, my friends and my life in Dubai. Everytime I leave Dubai, I realise how much I enjoy living here. For me, this city totally rocks. And I have come back to awesome weather! Winter is on it's way and I am so excited. I have some lovely recipes that I want to cook. And make some changes around the house...settle in and begin to enjoy my life once again. One darling reader made my day by welcoming me back! Thank you . I am so gonna try those coconut Macaroons for Yohaan's birthday by the way.

*Posts and skips away happily*


Mona said...

hi harshika :) thanks for your comment and ofcourse i remember you from last year, when you were expecting your son! he's almost one, whoa! time's a flyin' huh? sounds like a wonderful vacay for yohaan!
and yes, let's please stay in touch :)

Homecooked said... sweet of you to mention me :) Looks like u had a mother of all holidays! Its good to be back with parents na? No pics for us :)