Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's official and it's good.

...our moving in to a new season of life that is. Today is husbter's last day at work. Contrary to what I assumed, he went off with a happy frame of mind. It was good while it lasted, this work of his but he is leaving at just the right time because his senior management had started using him a lot for fire fighting and basically making him a scapegoat to get out of nasty situations. So hubster is actually relieved that he is out! God does have perfect timing!

In another news. I and Yohaan are going to go away to India (yes again!) for the time being or atleast untill a new job and an appartment is found for us to resume our family programming. Setting up shop in Sharjah would'nt have served any purpose except to add to our outgoings. so we decided to cut down by just splitting up and waiting for things to turn around. You might want to ask us as to why dont we just go back to our home country? Well, we have a huge house loan on our heads. Mortgage has to paid. And even though, Indian companies do pay well it wont be enough to pay off our housing loans. We are otherwise debt free but then this mortgage is a mother of all mortgages! Student loans, car loans, credit card loans all have been paid and put to rest. As a principle, hubster uses his credit card only under extreme emergencies, like if he is abroad and needs to shell out some local cash. He owns only one and that is hardly ever used. I dont own one and never have. I am mortally scared of loans and debts. Anyhow, I will be away for Christmas with my family while husbter will be here in Dubai looking out for jobs, appartments etc. Basically get started on all this and then we hope to re-join him. Soon! I hope!

I was very resistant to the idea of being away from him because I am one of those clingy wives. I can infact live in poverty but if husbter's job demands = more money=more hours away from home, that is not acceptable! As a corporate lawyer, he is anyways always in demand. It can be a killer but we try not to join the rat race and live simple. Although it is important to husbter to derive full job satisfaction more than money, he has somehow gotten sucked in to the corporate culture. Somewhere along the line he would like to leave all this and become a college teacher, teaching law to young students. He is passionate about law. I am happy with whatever he chooses to do with his career. All we want is that daddy should be home at a decent time! So me agreeing to go away is nothing short of a miracle which I believe only God could achieve! I hate going to India. For several personal reasons. But this time, God has given me the grace to be gracious and accept His will. And I know there is blessing in obeying his commands.

We do hope to be back soon. And guess what? I am such a typical woman. I am so excited about the prospect of setting up a new home yet again! In the last four years of being married and moving twice , I have learnt much in homemaking skills. I am looking forward to do up our new house. I know that Jesus has already marked it for us! Whether it is an appartment or a villa or a studio or whatever I am so going to enjoy decorating it, personalising it and making it a home! Infact, whenever I feel even slightly down (which is rare) with our current situation, I start day dreaming about our new place and it is an instant pick up for me! My long suffering hubster has been giving me ''oh no'' looks. But who cares. What's a woman got to do after all ! It will be like how we got married and moved here in the middle east to set up home. Yes!

We have witnessed some mighty miracles yesterday in answer to our patient, all will be revealed in due course. We are seeing first hand how God restores and provides! Never doubt his goodness and faithfulness. When the time is right, I shall do a post on it here. It will be a mighty testimony and I hope many shall be blessed and encouraged by our story! What an adventure...all for His purposes and glory.

So it's all good. I will be spending a winter in North India after three or four years and that is truly making me happy. I luuuurve the cold season. And that prospect is keeping me happy. Yohaan's first harsh winter too. Lets see how he takes it. Grandpa and grandma are again going bersek preparing for our arrival. Goodness, he is again in for some serious pampering that boy!
Christmas is almost here! You guys have a lovely winter holidays and be well. I shall be around.

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Homecooked said...

Hugs Harshika....I am sure everything will work out for the best :) I should come back and read this post when we have to move the next are so positive even in uncertain times :) I hate the packing up and moving! I am a whiny wife in those days. All the best to your little family and enjoy Christmas :)