Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just a plain mamma....

As I walk down the aisle of my local super market I spot her. I stop doing what I was there for and for a few minutes just stared at her. Perfect body, perfect skin, perfect manicure and a pedicure, beautiful floral summer dress which did wonders for her complexion, flawless makeup, the right shoes and bag, the mandatory blackberry and above all the supremely with-it attitude. I quietly admired her from far and moved on... to finish off my to-do list.

Compare all that to my state if you will. Straw like hair tied up in some unknown part of the head, nails cut sharp and cruelly short so that I don't end up hurting Yohaan, faded capris and an even more faded T-shirt which has some inexplicable stains on it, hastily applied lipstick which come to think of it, looks pretty incongruous....a huge handbag which immediately informs everyone that I am a new mommy, my sunglasses the stems of which have become so loose that it keeps sliding off my head at the slightest movement, unbathed, unwaxed, sleep deprived with a bad back and even worse pain in the wrists...hungry, coffee deprived, hassled because Yohaan decided to have a crying fit for some vague reason...a dangerous state to be in.

Now that I have it all out, I would like to inform anyone who cares that I am not having a pity party for myself here. I don't neccessarily want a manicure or a pedicure. I am not hung up on the latest bag although I do have several nice bags and shoes, I dont care for a new hairstyle because currently Yohaan tries his best to chew on it anyways, I am not going to pine for lovely clothes because most of the lovely clothes will make breast feeding in public a tad difficult, I don't want a Blackberry because errr, even the simple cell phone I do have is a major irritant at best of times.... no siree, I want none of those fancy things.

I want instead, more hours in the day, most of which I would like Yohaan to sleep. I want him to be more indipendant and stop clinging to me like well, a cling film I guess. I want him to know that daddy too can be a great companion when momma is busy and I want him to stop feeling bad for himself, the little brat loves attention and only from me that too! And I certainly wish he knew a bit of biology and realised that mamma has only two hands and sometimes needs to pee..urgently. And that if he doesn't let go of her, how in the world will she cook for him? Or get anything done for that matter. I shall not however miss the maid and am determined to stick it out. Yes for now the mighty may have fallen (snicker snicker) but we shall solve all the issues by sleeping them away....

*dust myself off , get up and walk away sans make up, pedicure,manicure....It's Ok, really!*

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