Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Baby....

My Darling baby Yohaan,

In approximately eight hours, your mama and papa will get to see you! Yes, yes yes! The doctor has decided to deliver you to us a little earlier than your due date of 24th Dec 2008. Never mind, I know God has made you whole, complete and able to be out and in our arms. Mamma and dada would like to tell you how badly we have waited for this day. You are a much longed for, prayed for and waited for baba and as that hour approaches , we can't wait to see you! The doctor has told us that mama will be operated at 8.00 a.m Dubai time, oh what joy!

We have had a quiet, restful day. Mama even went to get a pedicure, manicure and other such lovely stuff. Daddy asked me why? Well, I told him I want to look good for my baby, he laughed but indulged me anyways. I hope you too become a loving, caring man like your daddy.

Uncle Vinesh, aunty Amrita, and Amisha didi came to see us in the evening, everyone is waiting excitedly to meet you in a few hours. What fun , isn't it? Amisha didi's grandma fell in love with your nursery by the way, and I hope you like it too....

On the other hand, your own grandma's in Chennai and Varanasi are nervously waiting to hear of you too, not to mention Nana, Baba mama and Anjali mami and oh yes, Nandini mausi!! Gosh, you do have loads of fans already!!

Baba, mama is sitting now with daddy watching some TV passively, but our hearts and minds are on you to be honest. It seems as if both of us dont want to sleep tonight, I dont feel tired, just a strange kind of rush...a mix of nerves, excitement and a whole lotta love...oh baba, I am so waiting to tell you how much I love you already. I am sure daddy has his plans of doing so too...

Till then, hang in there our precious angel.... be good and scream, cry real loud when we get you out in the world, because that will tell us you are doing good dude, ok? OK.

Huggy, Kissy and God Bless,

Mama and Papa.
Dubai- 1.45 am


Anonymous said...

Hey COngratulations...hope everything went fine. God bless you and your baby :)

Inexplicably said...

I came from madmomma's page after reading your "maid" comment. Guess the baby is keeping you busy and you've not had time to update your blog.

I was stunned by your honesty. In your place I'd take a few days just to accept it happened to me. And I love your idea of the Tissot watch. Sure everyone notices.

Glad to connect - do visit my space sometime.

mayG said...

I'm assuming your life as a mommy has been far too busy for you to blog about it but hey we want updates!!

hugs and cuddles to little yohaan, bet he is growing up nice and cute :) God bless..