Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank God the elections are over!

I am so pleased that the American elections are at last over. I have never had any interest in any nation's politics including my own ! I am convinced politics and the politicians are good for nothing, morally bankrupt lot. And nothing anyone of them ever does to prove otherwise, would change my views. Having said that, I am therefore very annoyed with the Indian news channels. Particularly NDTV, which is the only Indian news channel I follow here. Keeps me updated on whatever's been happening in my country. Not that it's great in coverage or content. I agree that Obama winning these elections is historic and all that, but I am so fed up with our news channels covering the victory like the world is going to end. Yesterday, as I saw off hubby for the day, I sat down with my cuppa tea and turned on NDTV and a few hours later wished I hadn't. We had our regular folks on NDTV, frantically covering the campaign as it ended, the casting of votes and Obama and Mc Cain making speeches back and forth. All the correspondents spent long minutes telling us that Mc Cain had made a call to Obama, well he lost, and that is what protocol involves- the losing candidate has to make a phone call to congratulate etc for cyring out loud! One phone call being expounded upon for like 45 minutes!! I am not against them covering it as an important news item, but it went on and on ad nauseum! I kept wating patiently that the some Indian headlines would make the news but no, it seems there was nothing else worthy of reporting!!

I am happy for USA, seems like the majority got what they wanted. But NDTV pulled out all stops and couldn't bring themselves to give it a break. Over and over again, international relations experts were called in to give their 'expert' opnions on what would the election of Obama mean to us Indians? Kashmir, Pakistan, Outsourcing, CTBT, immigration, H1B visas...all old issues on which USA will bully us anyways, regardless of who is in power. As if the Republicans or the Democrats care for the Indian nation or any nation for that matter! Do I as an any other average , ordinary Indian really care? Athough, the way NDTV goes on covering it even now as I write, one would imagine there are some folks in India and the Indian diaspora who do care maybe. I found myself cringing when one of the news correspondents was asked by the anchor at the head quarters in New Delhi, if she thought one day an American of Indian origin could also make it to the Oval Office!! Huh?? And if indeed a day like that dawns in USA, so? Why is that important to us? Because anyways, that person would have ceased to consider him/her self an Indian, would consider him/her self completely American and so we too shouldn't have to feel pride or whatever, if he/she gets elected to the highest office of America!! What has happened to the media these days?

Dont get me wrong. I admire USA for all the usual reasons. Freedom of choice, democracy, ideals of liberty, security and individual freedom. There is much to learn from this great nation, but I truly need a break from my own Indian channels tripping over themselves covering an event 24/7 which wont make an ounce of a difference to me or my neighbour next door!

  • Edited to add: Well maybe to make me feel better, sometime towards the evening NDTV finally did show us a clip of Uma Bharti ( an Indian politician) slapping her party our Indian politicians to keep churning out drama and entertainment for viewers like us! As for me, I am wondering which news channel to switch my loyalty to, at least untill this Obama furore dies on NDTV.


Anonymous said...

LOL...I think the world was hooked to the Obama-McCain campaign :) I was laughing over here about the Uma Bharti news.

Peridot said...

You can imagine how bad it was for us here ... eat sleep breathe Obama :-) .... on a side note, was wandering along and saw your blog, stopped by and like it.

Sagari said...

u have a nice blog

Harshika said...


Im so hopeless with technology, I tried to figure out where to leave a comment on ur blog, couldnt find it?? I meant to thank you for dropping by and saying a thank you to you...for all ur kind words....

err, Thanks girl!