Wednesday, September 2, 2009


OK folks so I am certifiably the laziest blogger around. Cue for applause. Thank you, thank you.

I am acutely conscious of the promise I made of putting up some pictures of my revamped bedroom...yes, I know I havent done it. Yet. But. It. Will. Be. Done. As usual, my life has been a series of crisis this whole week. It left me feeling blah. Let me tell you all about it.

1. Yohaan fell again...from our bed this time. Because our man started crawling. Just like that. Without giving me any warning. I was not pleased at this unexpected development. I registered my protest with him while I tried to comfort him out of the shock and most likely some baby-ego bruising upon landing 'dah' on the floor. Thankfuly he is alive an kicking at that!

2. The part time maid of mine happens to be from Sri Lanka....ah, that beautiful island, have been dreaming of a holiday there since ages. All that lovely local handicraft shopping...awesome spicy food...and now no security threat...but I digress. So well, this lady has serious language issues with me. She barely speaks any English and I dont speak Singhalese. So madam has cleverly started dodging my instructions all the while pretending not to understand! Tomorow will be her last day. Sigh. Need I say more then?

3. On 5th Sept, we are going away to India for some kind of a vacation. In a fit of post-partum emotions , I promised Yohaan's maternal grandparents that I would bring him to visit them every six months untill he starts school. Now people who are close to me know that I dislike 'frequent' travel and most certainly hate my hometown. What can I say, we are patriotic- not. I have been away from India too long now and it's physical discomforts I cannot handle. Must be purely an age thingy. I have not started my packing yet and am hoping that by doing so I can postpone the finality of the departure a bit. My despair knows no bounds. I hate to be away from hubster so long, I hate immigration q's at the New Delhi airport...all in that order. I miss hubster. I dont get along with my dad after two and a half days and the 'noise' drives me mad. But that is because I live in an area which is practically a ghost town. Even the birds chirping could frighten me. We will be gone for forty days. Blogging? I dont know. Dont ask. How is this a crisis? Dont know. It is. Dont ask.

4. Invited a couple of European neighbours for what was supposed to be a proper Indian dinner party over the weekend. Food cooked by your's truly with great abandonment and excitement. The dinner table laid out beautifuly with marigold, brown and gold theme. Indian diyas in brass, flowers, the works. But, went overboard with the spices and chillies in the starters. Lets just say, some guests were too polite. So they waited , left and must have combusted in the comfort of their own homes. Dont ask.

5. I shopped for the usual gifts to carry home. They exceed my baggage allowance. Now I and Yohaan might have to travel with only our underwear. In Yohaan's case maybe just a few diapers. There is space for nothing else. Dont ask.

6. Hubster travelling to India, London, America all by himself. Without me. Albeit for work, but what the heck! I dont dislike travelling so much and what's he gonna do with so many airmiles? I find this most dodgy. If he wants to leave behind Yohaan I understand because Yohaan is naughty now. Me? Do ask. Him.

7. At another dinner party again over the same weekend, an annoying -very-old-man thought I am forty years old. That is eight years too much. First he is rude enough to think I am that old then has the cheek to say it to my face. I am not 'ageist', but dont take kindly to being considered older than strictly neccessary. I have since then been doing a lot of 'asking' the hubster ''baby do I really look so old?''. Hubster thinks it is one of those trick questions women ask men eg ''baby am I fat/do I look fat in this dress?'' So he has been vehemently denying everything. Good man that way!

OK nuff said. A few other things happened. But I just want to avoid thinking of all that now. Because OK let me admit it, inspite of everything my week was good too. Yohaan started crawling, grab and climbing up, saying mama (to no one in particular including the gardener) and loved his first bite of fish puree!!! I am like totally awwwwwwww. That gorgeous boy is after my own heart!

And thus the blah week ended.


mindspace said...

I did come in here earlier to see some beautiful snaps.. but had no idea you were having such eventful time.. sigh
((hugs)) harshika.. glad the boy dint get much hurt by falling down and cheers for the enthu and effort u took in cooking a meal n laying a theme-lull table :)

have a safe trip and a lovely vacation.. cheer up lady.. n yes, do find time to blog about it..

Anonymous said... are funny! Hope u have a fun trip :)