Thursday, August 20, 2009

M.I.A.-Missing In Action

It has been a crazy week but then which one isn't! I have not been able to blog as much as I would like to. Hubster was away for business , Yohaan is becoming naughtier by the day, wait a sec, is naughtier even a word? Well anyway, and I have a house guest. Hubster's cousin brother staying with us for two months. He is a cool guest, very low maintenance. Doesn't need anythingl...and very helpful to have around. He is great with babies even ones as naughty as Yohaan.

So what have I been up to. Actually quite a bit. I have now started my 'Garden' project. I am slowly but surely working on it and preparing it for the next few months. I want it to be nice and pretty by the time Yohaan's first birthday rolls around. We are planning a garden party for him. So I have been surfing the net like mad looking for ideas but then gardening in this desert heat is a killer and so the progress is slow. I shall post before and after pics.

It is August already! Normally, I do a makeover/changeover mid year throughout my house. This year is a different story. I barely manage to breathe ever since I became a mamma! I have ideas and more ideas bursting in my head about the changes I want to bring in my interiors but am hard pressed for time and money both. Hubster has taken a salary cut and so things are tight. It seems everything must wait! While that is a sensible thing to do (I guess) my frustration knows no bounds when I have to supress my creativity. I am dying to do stuff. So tomorrow I shall be posting pictures of our bedroom. I have not changed the curtains etc, and have just recycled old linen but have managed to somewhat achieve the look I wanted. It looks serene, pretty and calm. The theme continues to be pistachio green and dark wood. I wish though, that my garden would look pretty too so I could enjoy a view from my bedroom window which looks out to the garden below. Never mind, we will get there. So please return for some refreshing pics and updates tomorrow.


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