Thursday, July 26, 2012

Am back, hadn't gone anywhere....

Hello, Hello and Hello! I know I keep saying that I will be more regular in posting here but well so far it hasn't happened. I have been around, just generally fillind my days with lots of stuff to do. I will be in Dubai through the summer too and with Ramdaan on, I am running a little low on mojo. Despite of not me but my muslim friends fasting. Ha ha! What have I been up to apart from abandoning you guys? Well, lots apparently. My house went through a mini, ok, major makeover. The brat's room though could not be done, I left it midway. that's because hubster has filled it with lots of fugly furniture and is refusing to part with it, so I lost interest in prettifying it...

The bedroom and the living room looks 'gawgussss' though. I finaly convinced hubster to get it painted in a, wait for this, lovely green! I will upload pics ofcourse. But here's a sneak peak anyway.

What do you think? I am lovin' it baby!

And in another fun, new development, your's truly started a food blog (of all things). I enjoy cooking so much, my husband is not a foodie. Question was, where do I then show off?? So I first simply started by clicking pictures of our family weeknight dinners...and posting them on FB. Then some friends who tried my recipes 'nagged' me to start a blog and compile everything food related there! It has been so long I started this one, I didn't even rememebr how to go about it. Took me about a month to decide and well, I just took the plunge. I am so delighted to share this with you. So all you who come here (if you do that is) please do hop over and take a look at my new food blog, where I am doing a better job of at least being regular in posting new stuff! For those of you who are thinking of being nice n kind to me go here AndShe-Cooks! ..Try out the recipes, feed them to your friends and family and leave me some good feedback! Pretty please?

That is all for now....will be back again. Notice how I have left out 'soon' again?