Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Happy

Here's me wishing all of you out there, a truly Blessed Christmas and 2012 filled with God's Love, Mercy and Peace.

I am currently holidaying in India with my folks for the X'mas season and shall be back to UAE by the second week of Jan. This explains the reason for my absence from here. I am expecting a lot of family members from far and wide to join us for a big fat Indian Chrismas with tons of yummy food, music and memories. Will have lots to share once I am back. Also, am sorry that I have not found time to rely to all your comments and mails to me. Everytime I visit my family, I resolve to be off the computer for the entire period I am here, so blogging and facebook are neglected too. I need the rest and the break and this staying away from all technology and gadgets does wonders for me. My cell phone is also switched off as I never get my international roaming service activated. So I take or make no phone calls.  Bliss.

This whole month has been all about sleep, sleep and sleep and not having to lift a finger thanks to the fleet of maids my parents employ and who enjoy pampering me. Yohaan has six people in his 'service' and each one has been instructed to stay with him at all times and basicaly let his mommy chill. Eeeeks, how mean that sounds but honestly on this visit I am truly physicaly tired so I am giving in to all the spoiling and pampering. No, I am not complaining baby! And you should see how my boy goes around bossing everyone too! Everybody is rather happy. We shall come crashing down on earth once we are back in Dubai and our life re-starts our usual programming. LOL. I am again going crazy trying to decide if I want to employ a maid once I return...but that is how mad I usually am! My mother has been on my case to hire one and is totaly amazed that I choose not to hire one.

So anyhow, we shall meet again in a few weeks. There has'nt much happened but still lots to share. And I shall be relying to your kind comments asap. I will! So long then, toodles my lovely readers.


Shalini said...

Enjoy your vacation....that's exactly what I like doing when I'm on one too!

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in India:) Happy holidays!