Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Tiny Oasis

Most weekends I have some project going on in my house. I like to potter around. Change things up. I have this urge almost every weekend. During the week my time and energies are consumed with housekeeping. I am so anal about most things. The way dinner is cooked, the way it is served. The way the beds are made every morning. Nutrition for my child who wont put on any weight despite my best efforts. The way the towels are hung in  the bathrooms. The way the microwave has to be cleaned and not to mention my other babies- my plants! I love them. I love having greenery around and those of us who live in this desert land's high rise appartments know how difficult it can get to avoid feeling numb with the crazy concrete jungle all around.

I have a fairly big balcony, but poorly designed and executed. I dont know why did the architects think that a 'really long but very narrow' balcony is a good idea! I mean, mine can be termed 'big' but it is practicaly rendered useless due to it shape. Long and narrow like I said. :( But anyhow, knowing me, hubster has indulged me and bought me some plants and greens. I had some cute ideas but had to make a choice between being able to sit out in the balcony for 'chai sessions' or having a bit of greenery there. Since I am vain, I chose the option of simply planting some greenery for my visual pleasure. I now, sit on my dining table which opens in to the balcony and have my chai in the air conditioned comfort. Here are some pictures of my before and after changes carried out this weekend. Much grunting, sweating, cursing the Dubai weather later, I present to you my garden corner ladies and gentlemen, (if any). And because it is Patricia's The Weekly Story-episode 50, I decided to jump in and participate too. It is the 50th after all how can I not join in at all !

Looksie now.

This is how my baby garden started....I went away to India and hubster ofcourse destroyed my flowering shrubs. I had to make changes to incorporate just the green stuff left....else I would have nothing to show, you know!

I used old wine bottles, discarded water coolers and broekn artifacts from my living room to add some interesting elements.

Then slowly changes were made. Watch!

I had been collecting little pebbles and rocks from sometime. And dying to use them here, finally got the husband to lug them from the car boot which is where I was storing them!

Look at my little Birdie and Mr Froggy! Adopted them from the Dubai-Garden Centre.

The other corner. All the clay pots are a result of ordering take away Biryanis! And the blue carton you see, that is how mushrooms are sold here, in those little tubs. Just drilled some holes and voilla I have a pretty container. I am collecting some more so I can add lots of blues to the greens.

A day light shot taken very early morning when I was out watering them babies.

A night view of the Dubai sky line beyond the balcony railing. I added some knick-knacks here for my smoker friends to have something talk about while they have their smoke here. Ha ha ha.

So thats it then. I have had a lot of fun making these changes. Got more and more and more plans going on in my head. But time and budget constraints will have to be taken in to consideration. I am going to be away for whole of December and dont know if hubster can handle more plant-care duties. I am dying to add so much more to my motley collection but for now we have to wait. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing my little oasis. Right here in the desert!
Edited to add: I missed the linky party to Patty's weekly roundup on her blog. So shall link up on Monday for the 51st round. Am leaving the link up here, so if any of you want to come back , you can.


shooting star said...

what a pretty green ideas are fun!!

i have just shifed to a new house and mean to decorate my terrace...will take a lot of inspiration from you...

Harshika said...

Hi Sushmita,

Thanks girl. And welcome here on my blog. Feel free to take whatever ideas suit your fancy. I love sharing books, recipes and green tips with everybody. Spread the joy I say! :)

Pearlin J said...

you have a lovely garden :)

Patricia Torres said...

Ha ha ha.. You sound soooooooooo much like me… Ha ha.. I loved the first para.. I tot.. only I was mental… I hang towels in a particular manner.. even the ones we use.. My hubby just cant get over his folded towel … and why it has to be folded exactly the same way… I keep pillows in a particular way.. and then a throw on the bed which I try and be innovative with.. and hubby dear.. is always stressed about that throw.. ‘like why’… I was cleaning this weekend.. and he was like.. can you just relax for a while.. And I had to tell him off… and said.. I cant relax with the house looking like this…. I am absolutely physic about cleaning.. really!!

Woman… you are simply unbeileivvable.. that balocny is to die for.. Loved loved your little ideas.. so creative.. and so so pretty.. You’ve totally transformed the place.. Love the hanging thing… the teapots.. (that’s something im going to copy from you)… and all those pebbles..and the little terracotta stuff.. wow!! Wow.. gorgeous!! ;-)

I have been waiting for you to start linking in to the weekly story.. .so please.. can you continue… and atleast do a weekly post for me.. 

notyet100 said...

Luved ur collection :)

Sharkara@SensitiveCreations said...

I simply loved the plants on the balcony!! Very beautiful !!

Harshika said...


Thats an unusual name for your blog! Thanks for visitng and commenting. Come around again. :)

@pearlin: Thanks mam, come again.

@sharkara: Thanks so much, am glad you liked my balcony. It often gets neglected am afraid but theplants are hardy and are hanging on! come again. :)

Harshika said...

@patricia: Thanks much!you are way too generouswith your praise, but thanks again. You havent seen the other end of the balcony though....ewww! I wish I had time to blog more often...butwill certainly try linking up more often.

Poonam said...

Oh you have a green thumb!!! I wish i had one too..:( cant seem to be good with plants, but i adore them! wonderful green corners.

Nayana said...

Harshika, your balcony looks fab. I enjoyed your write up to..beautiful post.

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Harshika, your greens look gorgeous! Love the way you've used all the rocks:)...very inspiring!