Monday, May 19, 2008

New Beginings II-Fast Forward 2 years on...

Well, we have bought a house!! Yayyyy! We are proud first time home owners, dh and me are so chuffed! It is a semi detached three bedroomed villa, huge and lovely with an excellent garden at the back. We could have bought a super luxurious appartment with that money, but one look at the garden and I breathed to dh, this has got to be the one for us! I have never before lived in an appartment, but for these last 2 years after having moved to UAE. Im used to large airy,open houses back in India and then in UK. So now I am going to relive my dream of a proper house with a GARDEN!! It is indeed a big deal to me although I must confess here, I have no gardening skills whatsoever! But I plan to rectify that and hire a part time gardener and dream of making my garden a haven for myself and hubby and for all our friends to enjoy.

I am giddy with excitement and in my eagerness to be hands on , move -away -this -is -my -new- house attitdue, I have bravely refused hubby's offers to hire help to clean up the place...I shall do it all on my own before the packers/movers bring over our stuff. Fortunately, I do enjoy cleaning up any areas which are not up to my own personal definition of am hoping the new house wont be much of a problem. Thankfuly , the previous occupiers have left it in mint condition. Hubby dear has been subjected to a lot of harrasment when I embark on one of my cleaning and sorting frenzies. I admit , I am a bit mental when it comes to cleaning of any type and I have a feeling hubby dear has given up on me. I am worried about being a slacker though, ever since I quit working some 3 weeks ago, I have been such a sloth ball! I just cant seem to pick myself up and do anything around the house. A new excuse I have started giving myself is that we have to move anyways now,why bother cleaning up! Imagine! So I sit here blogging, while there is a pile of laundry begging to be done...sighhhh!

But today again I am begining to feel stirrings of what used to be the ''old me''. I do plan to wrap up all my to-do list of chores and then look forward to the big move come Thursday. I shall clean,scrub, sort,throw away and pack up. This is a promise I am making to point of quitting from full time employment was to be a home maker and a good one at that....if I want to be that then I better take advantage of all the time the Lord has given me to be just that! Combined with my cleaning skils (I kid you not, Im quite proud of it) , I should be able to kick slacking out of the house.....

I shall be back with an update as to how the packing moving and settling in has been. I think we wont have net connection for a few days , but then it is good because I seriously need to get my act together!! Here's to new beginings.......!! All glory unto Him!

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mayG said...

such fun setting up a "home" right!

congrats :D